Pre 1980s Extravaganza

This year the UK Pre 1980s Extravaganza returned to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, and despite a foul day on Saturday which probably put a number of people off Sunday stayed dry. The central location seemed to work well as TVRs attended from Scotland and Cornwall, giving us a total of 44 Pre 80s cars, plus a nice line up of later ones from 280i coupe to Tuscan S2.

Star of the show this year was Brian Holmes’ Grantura Mk2 after a 15 year restoration, and it was also great to see Stig Russell with his very early Grantura MK1. Since we also had Ian Massey-Crosse there with his MK3 we just had to line them up for a photograph. Neil Russell trailered along the Vixen S2 he has just finished building with his father. What began as a car found in a garden is now an updated beast powered by a Ford Zetec.
Also on a trailer was Tommy Entwistle’s Gem which is now owned by John Livesey. There were two Vixens with Rover V8s, one with a Griffith 500 engine and the other a Chimaera 4.5. We also had Roy Bickley’s Lotus Twin Cam powered Vixen S2, and Adrian Venn in his race Vixen S3. There were lots of very smart M series cars, from standard 3000Ms to well modified Taimars, but just 4 3000Ss this year, must have been the weather forecast. Even Martin Lilley left his at home and came in his Jaguar, but former TVR Technical Director Mike Bigland did bring his lovely Taimar.

It was Geoff Gwynne’s last event as organiser, he has done all 11 on his own so deserves a rest. Andrew Gray is to take over as lead organiser with help from me and Richard Carter. After 3 cheers for Geoff the awards were handed out:

People’s Choice Concours – Brian Holmes, Grantura MK2, 436TNU
Best Restoration – Phil Chatterton, Vixen S2, DNP151H
Best modified – George Russell, Vixen S2, UTF727H
Best Unrestored car – David Carr, Taimar, WEH634S
Broken Piston Award – Ian Massey-Crosse

Bildquelle: Oliver Edwards
Text: Oliver Edwards