British Car Day

The 33rd Annual British Car Day was held on Sunday, September 18th, 2016 at Bronte Provincial Park. North Americas largest British car show.

I will start with a riddle, before I get into the show report. What had three tow’s and is red

Well a road trip isn’t complete without some kind of adventure is it? As it turned out it was my turn, so you may have figured out the riddle. After leaving Saturday the 17th from Detroit at 07:00 am with intermittent rain showers heading toward Toronto. Just before the town of Tilbury with out much fanfare the clutch on my TVR 2500m just disintegrated! The car was running and driving great as a matter of fact the week before I was zipping around at the Waterford hills racetrack! After getting three different flatbed tows, as there are very few tow companies licensed to take broken cars across the border. 12 hours later with the car now safety garaged we are starting anew! 07:00 pm Saturday night and now on to the Bronte Park show on Sunday the 18th. Now I’m driving my Cooper clubman along with TVR club members Sue and Walt also driving their Cooper clubman. Pulling into the hotel parking lot at 11pm we spot a few TVR’s, good, dinner awaits!

Sunday starts sunny and bright and we’re off to Bronte park as there was a road closure show cars were to take another route so we followed Rob’s yellow TVR.Those who have never been to this car show billed as the largest British car show in North America is no exaggeration as almost all makes are well represented, some even a die hard British car fan would be difficult to identify. While I did not get the full list of TVR members that showed up I’m sure to have a picture of just about all over twenty TVR’s. There were the most TVR Tuscans‘ I’ve ever seen together (they can’t be sold in the U.S yet).
The purple TVR Tuscan with colour changing paint always had a crowd around, apparently modified for the whole front to open to show off the motor not just the small oil /brake fill bonnet. It may be hard to discern in the pictures but the lime green TVR Vixen has had much custom work done to it along with an eye catching paint job that has ghost flames that can be seen if the light hits it at the right angle.
The yellow 2500M with white circle on the door of Yuri’s has a custom aluminum dash. It came out really nice and brightens up a otherwise dark interior (he has a CAD file for others that may like to make one themselves(. Amongst other British cars that really stood out were an old MG TA and a very stylish design of the Morgan Aero. At the vintage mini row we can’t help but notice the Mini SS… yes that’s a Chevy V8 motor stuffed inside! This must be a wild and crazy ride! This was my third time going to this show and it better each time. TVR members Sue and Walt who came with me are already wanting to come back next year. I should have the clutch fixed by then as long as I don’t buy another car! TVRCCNA will also be making the 2017 Bronte park show. „the other national event“. There should be a plethora of TVR’s then. Afterward we had lunch in Oakville by the marina to say it’s „posh“ would be an understatement, within minutes we see a Lamborghini and a Ferrari just going to the shops!

Hope to see many more friends there next year. It would be nice to have a hundred or more TVR’s I know there out there.

Bildquelle: Alex Lebarre
Text: Alex Lebarre