verkauft: Griffith 200, LHD

Griffith 200, V8, 40.848 mls, LHD, Baujahr: 1965, EZ: 01.01.1965, Fahrgestellnummer:200-5119

We are very proud to offer this immaculate TVR Griffith 200 back on the market. This fantastic car was sold by us two years ago to the actual owner, and becomes now available again. In the meantime, this car has been improved further to full road specification. The interior has been completely retrimmed in black nappa leather, and equiped with two original Griffith seats. During this retrim, the interior was further sound insulated as well, to improve driving comfort. Also the rollcage and fire extinguisher system are removed, and the dashboard received some small changes more suitable to a road car. Technically, the suspension has been softened slightly, and a very effective Wizard Cooling radiator is fitted. While this car was already a stunner two years ago, it now became an even more perfect driving machine.

TVR Griffiths are very impressive sportscars. The Ford 289ci small block – similar to an AC Cobra 289 – offers plenty of torque and power, and it is indeed a very intimidating machine to drive. Once you get used to the supercar performance of this lightweight TVR, it is a most effective driving device. The soundtrack makes it all even more dramatic, and after a short drive with this Griffith, you will feel the adrenalin rushing through your body. This makes these rare cars (only 192 example produced) so iconic and sought after. It is after all one of the maddest sportscars ever produced, and very much a competitor of much more expensive machinery like the AC Cobra 289 and Jaguar E-Type Lightweight.

Finding a Griffith in a condition like this is almost impossible, as there has been spent an impressive amount of money on this car over the last years, The quality of this car is so much better then when it originally left the New York factory of Jack Griffith, and we can honestly say that this example is probably the best Griffith in the world. A true collectors item, for the connoisseur who only wants the very best!