74th Members´Meeting

Wow, wow, wow, the 74th Members´Meeting Goodwood Road & Racing Club (GRRC).

How else do you describe this event. Lord March and his team are Legendery for hosting fantastic events at the Goodwood race track. This years Members meeting was no exception.

This year i decided that the 1969 TVR Vixen would be my form of transport for the event. What a great way to arrive at a Britsh Historic car event but in a British Classic that not only out performs many other cars of its era but also turns heads wherever it goes.

Parking up i had people coming up and saying they had been following us and where amazed how the little car handled and sat on the road.

The GRRC Meeting can only be discribed as a School Sports Day for Petrol heads with everyone devided into house groups and many things that go on through the day you gain points for your house if you win. Each Driver is given a house that they are driving for and gain points for there house depending on where they finish.

Cars well where do i start without making this into a Book. Save to say there are Cars and Motor Bikes from all ages and makes and if you havent been to an event like this you will see cars that you have only ever seen in Books.

Saturday is mainly Pratice Qualifying however the last race of the Day is the highlight of the day as its a one hour race with driver change over. This year it was GT40s and Wow what a sight starting the race in Daylight then light fading as Driver change overs start and then finishing in the Dark.

Everywhere you go the sound smell and talk is cars engines racing and History.

This year there only two TVRs racing but rather special race cars both newley built by Nigel Rubins one the Famous Mexican Hornet and the other the First Griffith 400 Prototype which has rear Disc Brakes and should as time goes bye become a very compeditive car. Although neither car where placed in the top 5 they both performed very well concidering neither had any real testing being only finished over a week before the event.

The Event is not Just about Cars but people as well and a great place to bump into many friends that you usually only see or communicate with on the internet. Also many Famous faces some you recognise and others who you think you should know and only afterwars remember who they where.

This year i bumped into Less Edgar who now owns TVR and Gordon Murray who is part of the project as you all will be aware. Also Mike Luck From David Gerald TVR racing and a fantastic driver himself in the Tuscan Chalenge cars.

All told the event was just amazing and my Friend who had never been before had an amazing time and our little Vixen really enjoyed both the drive and all the attention she recieved.

This is one event that should be on your things to do before you Die list. Maybe i will bump into you there one day if you do say hi.

Bildquelle: Andrew Gray
Text: Mark Gussin, Andrew Gray