The first two deJoux Gran Turismo cars were completed in 1962, the joint work of pioneer Kiwi car builder Ferris deJoux and Auckland mechanic Kevin Lamb. Another three including Paul’s car were built over the next few years. (The most common example of Ferris deJoux’s work are the Mini based specials with about 30 being built up through the 1970’s).
Paul’s car was originally 4 cylinder but displacement had grown progressively over 30 years to a 253″ V8. Paul has upgraded to a 350″ Chev V8 mated to a Toyota Celica gearbox. This move was in line with a goal to build up a car that was tractable around town but could boogie with the best of them on the open road!

The body has hints of Maserati A6G and AC Bristol Zagato with 50’s and 60’s styling cues being evident. The interior is classic 60’s with a plethora of Smiths gauges and the definitive period extra, a wood rimmed Moto-Lita steering wheel. After 7 years, 3 gearboxes, and lots of late nights an almost complete rebuild of the deJoux has been accomplished. Which makes Paul wonder if it’s time to breath life into another Kiwi Classic, the Triumph T140 „Chopper“ lurking in the back of the shed…


Engine: Chevrolet 5.7 ltr…Front Mounted
Length: 4.200 mm
Width: 1.750 mm
Height: 1.080 mm
Wheelbase: 2.580 mm
Track: 1.350 mm
Brakes: Disc Front/Drum Rear
Seating: 2
Kerb Weight: 1060 kg

Bildquelle: Paul Needham, Constructors Car Club