verkauft: Trident Venturer

Trident Venturer/ Clipper Conversion, RHD, Ford 289 V8, 8.500 mls, Baujahr:1971, EZ: 09.03.1971

Perhaps you have always wanted a Classic Sportscar, but have been put off because the usual suspects – like Jaguars and Healeys – have become EVER so expensive. And you didn’t really want what were the budget buys – such as the Spitfires and the MGBs. Plus now you have a family and kids…

And then you saw the photo of this Trident and thought „Yesss“! And you’d be right to read on!

The Trident was styled by Trevor Fiore (later Director of Design for Citroen). English born Trevor Frost adopted his mother’s Italian maiden name, with 20:20 foresight!. Now known as Trevor Fiore he went to Italy to work for Carrozzeria Fissore. His early work was on the De Tomaso Vallelunga and then came the Elva GT160. But he was best known for the 1965 Geneva Salon TVR Trident, which stemmed from a meeting in a pub with TVR owners in 1963. The design was awesome, but TVR had financial “concerns”. The TVR Tina, also designed by Fiore, was similarly doomed by TVRs lack of funds. Whilst the World’s car enthusiasts had stood and gawped at the TVR Trident, they did so again when presented with Fiore’s Monteverdi HAI 450 SS Prototype at the 1970 Geneva Auto Salon.

So, you are looking at a work of true automotive art designed by an Englishman working in the highly acclaimed Italian Automotive Styling Industry. No wonder it was considered stunning in its day! Indeed, your author nearly ordered a “brand new” Trident, but instead decided to build a TVR 2500 M from a kit! (I think it was a money “thing”!).

The Trident Clipper V8 was originally intended to be TVR’s range topper – to be called the TVR Trident – and it was indeed featured in early TVR brochures and adverts. Other TVRs of the day were powered by Ford and Triumph 6 cylinder engines, but the Clipper’s engine was the American Ford 289. (Cubic Inches… 4.7 Litres in British Money!). Performance was blisteringly quick for the time with 0-60 mph in 5 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph. Another Trident, known as the Clipper V6, used the Ford 6 cylinder “Essex” engine and there was even a Trident Tycoon – fitted with Triumph’s TR6 cylinder engine.

Ultimately, TVR’s financial troubles led to the Trident project being separated and taken forward by a TVR dealer – Bill Last – as a company called the Trident Car Company. In all, Trident manufactured 85* cars – making this a very rare marque indeed. *„Previously reported as 130 vehicles, but following extensive research and monitoring by Club members with input of some factory staff, the total has been revised downward to 85, with an approximate split of the three models to 30 Clipper/V8 cars, 49 Venturers and 6 Tycoons. Early V8’s were not designated Clipper. Similarly there is one original V6 which came long before the Venturer and is called a GT.“

The 1971 Trident that is the subject of this advert is believed to have started life as a V6-engined Venturer. It was found derelict – minus its engine and gearbox, in a garage in 2013. Although the UK V5 registration document described this car as a Trident Coupe, it did not identify the model. It was decided to resurrect the car as a more powerful Clipper V8 model.

When stripped, the bodywork and the extended TR6 chassis were found to be in very good order. Unfortunately, the bonnet had suffered over time. So, in order to retain as much of it as possible, the damaged areas were removed and replaced by a bonnet bulge and vents – to splendid effect! Mechanically the car had copious time and money spent on it, including the installation of a rebuilt Ford 289 engine, as well as a Borg Warner T10 gearbox. A new exhaust was created… and this car sounds amazing!

The bodywork is resplendent in scarlet, and the interior – in biscuit and black with black carpets – is lovely. Perhaps the piece de resistance, however, is the set of Borrani-style Wire Wheels carrying tyres which sport slimline white wall detailing. The final touch of course is the black Everflex roof – equipped with a Webasto sliding sunroof. The exterior styling of this car is just pure automotive seduction, with the characteristic Trident front wing triple side vents, the headlights recessed into the car’s shark-like nose and with statement chrome bumpers at each corner.

Very rarely do Tridents come on the market, and especially not in this car’s condition. And furthermore, this example’s nose has actually been sympathetically revised, giving it a more imposing presence in the outside lane of modern Motorways!

Go on, you know you really want it! Just imagine driving down to Goodwood in this exotic Sportscar, which combines the best of British, European and American Automotive flair, and which has lost none of its attraction as it approaches its 45th year! Surely this car can only appreciate in value while you enjoy driving it, or just admiring it – parked on YOUR drive!

The car has a good provenance file which includes plenty of fascinating material. It will come serviced by Str8six, with a full 12 months MOT and it is of course exempt from the UK road fund licence! It will be provided with a 3 months warranty.

Please note that this car is owned by the Managing Director of Str8six TVR Ltd and It is being sold as a Private Sale.

Expensive at £35,000. The number plate alone is probably worth more than that to a Jaguar XK120 owner with the right initials!

Please book to arrange a Viewing and a Test Drive. You could become only the 8th owner since 1971!

Finance may be available… subject to the usual terms and conditions.