2008, Equipe GTS at Zolder

The British Equipe GTS historic racing series is designed for pre 1966 cars and is set up as a competitive yet gentlemanly, safe and friendly racing series of good-value longer-distance races. The series is not a real championship as prizes are awarded for individual class and race winners at each race meeting.

The standard of racing and car preparation is high and the starting grids have continued to grow with over 40 cars per race. The Equipe GTS historic races are principally organised but they often visit Spa too.

The cars are divided into five engine size classes, ranging from 1150cc up to 2700cc. Cars eligible for the series are AC Ace, Alfa Romeo Guila and Guiletta, Austin Healy Sprite, Daimler SP250, Elva Courier, Gilbern GT1800, Lancia Fulvia, Lotus Elite, MG Midget, MGA and MGB, Morgan 4/4, Peerless/Warwick GT, Porsche 356 and 911, Reliant Sabre and Scimitar, Rochdale Olympic, Sunbeam Alpine, Tornaod Talisman, Triumph Spitfire, TR2/TR3/TR4, Volvo P1800.

As for TVR, the Grantura Mk 1-2-2A, Mk 3 and 1800S are allowed.

On 4th July 2008 the series visited the Zolder circuit in Belgium where the race was unofficially run as a celebration of 50 years Grantura.

Bildquelle: Jo Hemelsoet
Text: Jo Hemelsoet