Waterford Hills

Thanks to all that made it out!

Weather was just about every type, but eventually it all worked out to get the racing in, with Sunday getting to almost 90. We had a good turnout both days with TVR’s brought by Don, Walt, Bill and Alex a Morgan by Brian and Mini by Sue. Tim was there racing his vintage Moodini (blue #14). Tim raced to two out three victories in closely contested runs nearly making the hat trick until the last few laps on the last race
Waterford has a nice family friendly atmosphere with plenty do see and do. Great views around the track and one of the few tracks that parade laps can let you test your skill (within limits) as sometimes you can be on track with few other cars!

Hopefully the last race of the year will get many with their British cars out to park on the hill. And for those that didn’t know all the stuff pictured, including the tarp was fitted into my car!

Bildquelle: Alex Lebarre
Text: Alex Lebarre