verkauft: Vixen S3, LHD

Vixen S3, LHD Conversion, EZ: 18.02.1971, Fahrgestellnummer: LVX/1789/4, TÜV 05/2018, Ford 1600 Crossflow

Bought the car in 2009 and started the renovation from scratch using all new parts. The car was complete with all the original TVR parts as seats, clocks, uprights, door locks, ironmongery and widow frames. Took the whole car apart, cleaned the frame, checked it on straightness or cracks and painted it. The chassis was refurbished under the seating area and I added new corner plates. Fitted all new mounting PU-bushes with SS inserts and all new bolts, new wheel bearings at front and rear. New top and bottom ball joints, and steering rack with track rods. New break and fuel lines (copper). Using new brake pads and SS-wired flexibel ends. On all 4 corners special TVR Vixen 2-way adjustable AVO shocks with new springs. At the rear purpose made tracking rods fitted because the originals were shot. Wheels were repaired and painted and shot with Yokohama C-drive 2 tyres 195x65x15.
The body was completely cut back to basic and new painted in Silver Fox according original specs. Also the engine bay is shining. Added a new aluminium petrol-tank and radiator with electrical fan on electronic heat sensor and Kenlow overrider/indicator in dash. Freeflow header and steel muffler for better dark sound. Changed carter and top-end ventilation with oil catch tank. Blanked of fuel pump and changed to new fuel pump on the rear frame near tank. New clutch and pressure group and changed the cable operation to hydraulic. Alightweight Tilton pedal box with bias for for front/rear brakes was added. The brake power booster was ommitted. The interior, floor/ceiling/sets is complete new and underneath the carpet felt. Also an heat shield is added under the floor. A removable panel has been made in the floor for better acces.
All the electrical components are moved from engine bay to dashboard. The 4 fuses are upgraded to 12 fuses with failure indicators. Also 6 relais are added. Earthingblock added for better individual earthing per electrical item. All the stress bolts in the driveline are replaced and new universal joints added. Lots of stainless Allen bolts and nuts used for fixing components. New window and whether profiles to the windows and doors. New rear window. After a long restoration by myself the car was register in Holland in may 2016 as original RHD. So TUV ends May 2018. Changed to LHD the last few months using a new TR4 steering rack and 2 roller bearings to support the steering column. Had to lower the footwell for the battery on the right and increasing the leftside for the Tilton pedal box. So this car is like new but still an classic car with his own behavior.